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Reliable & Fast

Distritech was founded in 2008 as a consumer electronics distributor. Since then, we have earned a strong reputation for delivering the latest and most competitive deals to our partners, enabling them to increase margins and ensure faster turnarounds. Our entire company revolves around two principles that have given us that reputation: being reliable and fast.

Our Services


Our vast network allows us to maximize our distribution efforts in an effective, efficient and prompt manner.

Supply Chain Solutions

We are always connected to manufacturers, vendors, wholesalers, retailers as well as end users. This allows us to offer complete supply chain solutions to our clients and partners.


Distritech offers a complete logistics solution for manufacturers, wholesalers and resellers. With partners worldwide, we can find the best route to getting your products delivered.

Marketing Services

Our team can also help you with marketing your brands/products through targeted and specific channels to reach your audience.

Our Commitment

We understand that service is what has allowed us to grow exponentially since our inception. Therefore, we are continually investing in shortening turnarounds in our RMA Department. Distritech promises that we will:

  1. Provide you with an RMA reference number within 24-hours of your request; and

  2. Complete RMA request within 15 business days of receipt of goods.

As soon as we receive your request, we will send you an RMA reference number as well as periodic updates. Should the product require external labor and/or parts, we will let you know and process your order efficiently in order to reduce delays from our part.


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