Meet the Team

Team Members

  • Sebastian Abello Purchasing Manager
  • Ronald Duran Sales Manager
  • Victor Segrera
    Victor Segrera Sales Leader
  • Mike Willyoung
    Mike Willyoung Director of Marketing
  • Alberto Sabogal
    Alberto Sabogal Purchasing Manager
  • Nelly Osorio
    Nelly Osorio Sales Director
  • Maricarmen Biondi
    Maricarmen Biondi Buyer
  • Marcella Barbosa
    Marcella Barbosa Account Manager
  • Tatiana Carrillo
    Tatiana Carrillo Accounting Coordinator
  • Patricia Rojas
    Patricia Rojas
  • Juliana Arango
    Juliana Arango QC Specialist
  • Nelson Fernandez
    Nelson Fernandez Warehouse Supervisor
  • Ramon Mesa
    Ramon Mesa Warehouse Manager
  • Mary Bendezu Garcia
    Mary Bendezu Garcia QC Specialist
  • Catherina Ferrer
    Catherina Ferrer QC Specialist
  • Ivan Ramirez
    Ivan Ramirez Receiver
  • Alexis Rodriguez
    Alexis Rodriguez Pick Packer
  • Juan Manuel Ramirez
    Juan Manuel Ramirez RMA Associate
  • Juan Pablo Viana
    Juan Pablo Viana
  • Glenda Duran
    Glenda Duran Accounting Specialist
  • Marcelo Roses
    Marcelo Roses Account Manager
  • Fernando Amador
    Fernando Amador Account Manager
  • Samir Tarud
    Samir Tarud Account Manager
  • Rhona Lombana
    Rhona Lombana Account Manager
  • Sergio Arango
    Sergio Arango

We believe in passionately Adding Value… to our clients and business partners, our employees, our families, and our community.

At Distritech, we believe in living with an entrepreneurial spirit and creating growing opportunities in an environment that is friendly, respectful and dynamic.

We believe in empowering our talent to have the flexibility and responsibility to serve and add value to our clients and business partners, and to where we can grow, personally, professionally and financially.

We believe in passionately impacting our families and our community.

… so I challenge you to ask yourself this question daily:

Did I do my best to Add Value in every interaction I had today?




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